How to Conduct a Vanity Search on the Internet

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How to Conduct a Vanity Search on the Internet. Search for your own name on the Internet with vanity search. Look up your name and find out what everyone else may already know about you.

Step 1

Find a site with at least ten search engines listed, such as Squirrelnet. This will save you from typing in numerous search engine URL's in the address bar; the most popular search engines are listed and linked on one page.

Step 2

Start with your last name in the search box. If you have an unusual last name, do not type in your first name. This allows the search engine to look for all documents with your last name.

Step 3

Enter your first initial after your last name, if your last name is more common. This vanity search will look for your last name and first initial, and will produce more results than a full name search.

Step 4

Narrow the search by typing in your full name. This vanity search will look only for those documents with your full name. However, a full name search may also omit some results.

Use quotation marks before and after your name in the search box. For example, if your name is Steve Johnson and you want to do a vanity search in Google, enter "Steve Johnson" to look up all documents in that name.


  • Look for your name in official county records for real estate records and mortgage information; these are most likely to list your social security numbers.
  • Contact the agency that is publicizing your social security numbers and find out how to have them deleted.
  • Search your states official website for records of licenses, driver's license, fishing license or business license for information you do not want made public.
  • Do a vanity search on yourself at least monthly to keep current on any new information available in cyberspace.

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