How Do I Use My iPod With Foobar?

By Jason Spidle

Control and configure your iPod outside of iTunes.
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Foobar2000 is a Windows music player and library manager designed to provide users with a clean, elegant interface with which to manage music. Foobar2000 emphasizes extensibility over a bloated feature set, so users are free to customize foobar2000 to their liking. Every aspect of foobar2000 is customizable, and countless plug-ins give the program additional functionality. One such extension can be used to enable iPod support from within the program, allowing you to manage your iPod without iTunes.

Installing iPod Manager in foobar2000

While foobar2000 lacks many features that are common to other popular media player and library management programs like Winamp and iTunes, it makes up for it by offering a bevy of extensions that continuously add functionality to foobar2000. In many ways, it is similar to the model Firefox uses for its Web browser: it offers a well-coded and reliable base program which, through extensions, can be fine-tuned to a user's needs. To install the extension, download the iPod Manager extension zip file and then unzip it into foobar2000 installation's Components directory. If foobar2000 is running, you must restart the program. After launching foobar2000, click "File," then "Preferences" and select "iPod Manager" from under the tools sub-section to configure the extension to your liking.

Configuring and Using iPod Manager in foobar2000

Within iPod Manager preferences, you can specify how foobar2000 handles synchronization, set up file conversion scripts (to convert incompatible audio formats before transferring to your iPod) and enable or disable various iPod features, including album art display and gapless playback. Once you have configured the iPod Manager, simply click "File" and then "iPod Manager" to access all the sync options available from within foobar2000. When your iPod is plugged in, you will be able to easily manage every aspect of the device right within foobar2000.