How do I Set Up a Harmony Remote With DIRECTV? (6 Steps)

By Jay Darrington

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When you use a satellite box to surf channels such as the ones used by DirecTV, it usually has its own remote. Combine that remote with TV remotes, VCR remotes, DVD player remotes and home theater remotes, and you can become easily overwhelmed with remotes. Using the Logitech Harmony, you can combine your DirecTV remote and all of the other remotes into one device.

Step 1

Insert the Harmony Remote installation CD into your computer's CD drive. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the Remote software.

Step 2

Load the Harmony Remote Software, found in the "Start" menu on your PC.

Step 3

Connect your Harmony remote to the PC using the supplied PC cable.

Step 4

Create a user account using the prompts that appear.

Step 5

Enter the make, model and name of your DirecTV satellite box or DVR when prompted.

Step 6

Follow the instructions for setting up activities such as watching TV or playing DVDs in the menus that appear.