How do I Set Up GnuCash for Online Banking?

by Emily Fisher
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GNU is a free Unix-compatible operating system. This software is available at no charge. One of the software packages included in GNU is online banking. Although online banking is not automatically loaded with GNU during setup, it can be implemented afterward.

Step 1

Launch GNU, then choose "Applications" followed by "Office." Select "GNUCash," which is located in the upper menu field. The Accounts box will launch.

Step 2

Choose "Tools," then select "Online Banking Setup."

Step 3

Click "Forward."

Step 4

Choose "Banking Wizard." The configuration window will launch. Additionally, this window will advise the various options of actions that can be done.

Step 5

Key in your account and user information in the appropriate fields. If you do not know what to use, choose "OFX-Direct Backend." You will need to contact your financial institution if you do not know its server URL. If your choice was "OFX-Direct backend," it is highly probably the link is

Step 6

Navigate back to the "Start Online Banking Wizard." Afterward, select "Forward."

Step 7

Click the matching boxes in the "New?" section to mirror the bank accounts with the GNUCash accounts. Afterward, select "Forward."

Select "Apply." The setup process is now complete.


  • To migrate your financial institution's transactions, choose "Accounts or Register," then select in the following order: "Actions," "Online Actions," "Get Transactions" or "Get Balance."


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