How do I Sell Unused Cell Phone Minutes?

By Willie Jones

Reselling prepaid cell phone minutes
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Unused cell phone minutes don't have to be wasted if you choose to switch phones or prepaid services. Many people are looking to buy discount prepaid cell phone minutes. A sure method of selling prepaid minutes and making a quick sale is to sell them for less than the actual value or what you paid for them. Providing important details regarding the cell phone minutes when attempting to resell the prepaid minutes is important when making a hassle-free sale.

Create an ad on an auction site listing all of the specific details. List the carrier name of the prepaid minutes card, how many minutes are on the card and the expiration date, if any. Set a price for the sale or a starting price for the auction. Classifieds listings can also be used to create ads to sell prepaid minutes that haven't been used.

Check your email or your auction account regularly, as you may receive questions or offers for the sale of the prepaid minutes.

Mail the prepaid phone minute card or email the redemption code if there isn't a card to redeem the minutes. If you are selling through the classifieds, set up a safe public place to meet the person and complete the sale.