How do I Unlock a Volvo Truck Radio?

By WayneC

Radios in Volvo vehicles sometimes come with an anti-theft system that renders the radio useless unless the proper security code is entered. The anti-theft system usually locks out the radio if battery power to the radio has been cut. In order to unlock the radio, you must use the radio's preset buttons to enter the security code. The problem is that you might not have the radio's security code on hand, in which case you need to contact Volvo to receive it.

Step 1

Find the card that has your radio security code on it. It is a small card (around the size of a credit card) and you received it when you first bought the truck. If you cannot find the card, you can either call a Volvo dealership and request the security code or you can visit a Volvo dealership and request the security code in person.

Step 2

Turn on the truck on and look at the radio's display. It should read "CODE."

Step 3

Enter the radio's security code by using the preset buttons on the radio's dashboard. The radio unlocks.