How do I Troubleshoot TV Monitor Discoloration?

By Greyson Ferguson

Correct the discoloration of your system's monitor.
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As television monitors age, they often begin to display incorrect colors. This is due to the color censors beginning to fail, causing the monitor to display video only in a red, green, blue or yellow tint. However, a monitor discoloration isn't always due to an aging screen, and there are a few specifics you can troubleshoot to ensure the monitor displays the video properly.

Check the cable connection running from the hardware to the monitor. If the cable is loose or otherwise not connected properly, the video may appear with an incorrect color.

Power down the monitor. Leave the monitor off for a few minutes, then turn it back on. Occasionally, the monitor may turn on incorrectly, causing a problem with the color. Restarting the monitor often corrects this issue.

Press the "Menu" button on the TV, then select the color display option. There are color adjustments on the monitor that allow you to increase or decrease the color on the monitor. Select the color that is too dominant (or isn't appearing) and increase or decrease the specific color to correct the image.

Connect a different television to your hardware. If the color connection is still inaccurate, the problem is with the hardware you are connecting and not the televisions.