How Do I Troubleshoot a Toshiba TV?

by Michelle Enos
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Toshiba manufactures of a variety of televisions. As with any electronic device, these TVs are likely to require some troubleshooting. Always check your owners' manual for a complete list of problems and their solutions.

Basic Troubleshooting

For basic issues, check that the batteries in the remote control are working and that the TV is plugged in. Check your antenna or cable reception and change the channel.


Use the "input" button on the remote control or the TV itself to switch between input sources and find the one you need. If you have selected an input source with nothing attached to it, no picture will display.

General Sound Problems

Press volume to make sure the sound is not muted. If you are hearing sound that doesn't make sense with the channel you selected, turn off [SAP]( mode by opening the sound menu, choosing "audio setup," and selecting "stereo" in the MTS field.

General Picture Problems

Adjust the picture quality by pressing "menu" and opening the "picture" menu.

Reset Factory Defaults

If you have tried the solutions in your manual and nothing is working, reset the factory defaults on your TV by opening the "setup" menu and choosing "installation," "system status," and "system information." Use the arrow buttons to select "factory defaults."


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