How Do I Transfer Pictures from My Blackberry to My Computer?

by Shannon Burton

The camera feature found on most Blackberry phones allows you to take pictures on the go wherever and whenever you want. Getting those pictures to your computer can allow you to more easily share them, back them up, edit them with software on your computer and clear up space on your phone’s memory to take more pictures. There are many ways to transfer pictures to your computer based on where they are stored, how many you want to transfer and whether you have Internet service on your phone, but all ways are relatively simple.

Using Email

If you have an Internet connection enabled on your Blackberry, you can email pictures whether they are saved on the memory card in your phone or in your device memory. In the Pictures folder, highlight the picture you want to send and click the menu button of your Blackberry. Scroll down the options to “Send as Email,” click it and type in your own email address to have the picture sent to it. If you want to send multiple pictures in one email, click the menu button again, scroll to and click “Attach File,” and a window will pop up allowing you to browse your memory card and device memory for additional pictures. You will only see the titles of the pictures, so if you don’t remember which pictures you want to send, click the memory key on your Blackberry again and select “View Thumbnails” to see thumbnails of your pictures. Once you are done attaching your pictures, click the menu key and select “Send.” Open your email account on your computer and download the pictures you emailed yourself.

Using Windows Explorer

If your pictures are stored on your memory card, you can transfer pictures using Windows Explorer. You will need the phone-to-computer USB cable that came with your phone or a microSD adapter and an SD card reader connected to your computer. Plug the tether into your phone and computer or remove the microSD card from your phone (it is under the battery in most models) and insert it into the adapter. If you are tethered, answer “Yes” when asked if you want to enable “Mass Storage Mode” on your Blackberry. If you are using your memory card, insert the adapter into the card reader. Open My Computer, double-click the memory card or Blackberry icon, and you can now copy and paste or drag and drop pictures from your memory card onto your computer.

Using Desktop Manager

If your pictures are stored on the device memory, you can transfer your pictures to your computer using the Desktop Manager program that came with your phone. You will need the USB phone-to-computer tether, and you may have to update your Desktop Manager to the latest version by visiting your cellular service provider’s website. Simply plug the tether into your phone and computer, answer “No” on your Blackberry when asked if you want to enable “Mass Storage Mode,” and open Desktop Manager. Click the Media Manager icon inside Desktop Manager, and you will be able to view all of your media files (including pictures) and transfer them to your computer. If you did not install Desktop Manager and cannot or do not want to, you will need to transfer the pictures from your device memory to a memory card in order to put them on your computer without emailing them. This is a tedious task if you have many pictures to transfer, as it has to be done one picture at a time. To do this, highlight the picture you wish to transfer, click the menu key and select “Move.” A window will pop up allowing you to explore your phone’s folders. Locate your memory card folder, highlight or open it, click the menu key, and select “Move here.” If a prompt asks you if you want to “replace existing file,” it is because you have another picture in the memory card with the same name. Replace it, or cancel the move and rename one of the files and try again. Once the files are on the memory card, you can use Windows Explorer to transfer them to your computer.

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