How Do I Track a Mobile Number?

By Palmer Owyoung

How Do I Track a Mobile Number?
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Maybe you have found somebody's lost cell phone and would like to know where to return it to. Perhaps you need to track down someone that owes you money, but their mobile number is no longer working. Whatever the case, it is easy to track down a mobile number these days if you know where to look.

Go to a reverse cell phone look up website (See resources below).

Click on "Search by Mobile Phone" and enter the number of the person who you are trying to find.

Click on "Search" wait for a few minutes and it will bring back some basic results free of charge. This will usually only include the name of the city where the phone is registered and whether it is a landline or mobile phone. You will need to pay a fee for the full report, which may include the owner's name and address, names of people living at that address, the cell phone provider, and how long the account has been active.