How do I Find an ID on a Toyota Prius XM Radio?

By David McKinney

Finding your XM identification number is essential before activating satellite radio service in your Prius.
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Since 2006, Toyota Prius automobiles have come equipped with XM radios, which offer 170 channels of music, news and talk in a digital format. The satellite radio company offers a free, 30-day trial subscription, but those who want to extend the service beyond a month have to pay a subscription fee starting at $9.99 per month. Before you can activate the radio in your Prius, you'll need the radio's XM ID number.

Start your Prius. Keep your vehicle in park to avoid any accidents while tracking down your Prius' XM radio identification number, a process that will require you to use both hands and take your eye off the road.

Switch your car's stereo to satellite radio either by pushing the mode button located on the steering wheel or near the face of your radio. Power on the XM radio.

Switch the channel to 0, where the radio's eight-digit identification number will flash on the screen of the radio. Gather up a piece of paper and pen to record the string of numbers and letters that appear so you will have it available if you have to call XM customer support or wish to activate your radio online or by phone.