How to Do a Free Title Search on the Net

by Joanne Cichetti

You will find both free and paid search services on the Internet. Generally, search engines offer free searches based on keywords a user enters. In addition to the basic search, you can use advance search options to quickly get to the precise results you're looking for.

Search the title on Google. Open on your Internet browser and enter the title phrase in the search bar. Place the search phrase within quotation marks to eliminate results that do not have the exact terms that you enter in the search bar, thus enabling you to narrow down the search results. In addition, you can use the "Advanced Search" option to add search parameters and refine your search. Click the "Advanced Search" link on the Google homepage. Choose appropriate options to further define your search. For instance, if you don't want results that contain specific phrases, enter those phrases in the "But don't show pages that have..." box. You can also specify websites/domains in which the title is to be searched.

Search the title on Yahoo!. Open the Yahoo! homepage on your browser and type the title phrase in the search bar. Hit "Enter" key to view the results. For advanced search options, click the "Options" link next to the "Search" button and choose "Advanced Search" from the dropdown menu. Again, you can use filters to better define your search and get to the exact information you're looking for.

Use Bing to search the title. Enter the title in the search box and hit "Enter." For advanced search options, click the "Advanced" link next to the search bar. You can narrow down the search results to specific geographic territory. You can also choose the language in which you wish to view the results. Click the "Search" button to get the search results.

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