How to Do Three-Way Calling on AT&T U-verse

by Mandy Slake

Three-way calling allows you to talk to two people at the same time on one phone. The service can be handy for sharing information, or just for talking between friends. AT&T's U-verse is a package of digital services, including TV, phone and Internet. The phone service is called U-voice, and uses regular land-line handsets. You activate three-way calling through the phone.

Press and release the flash key or receiver on your handset while in a call. If you are pressing the receiver, press it quickly and immediately release or the first call will be disconnected.

Listen for a dial tone.

Dial the number of the person you want to add to your existing call.

Wait until your party picks up, then press and release the receiver or flash key again to join the two calls.


  • check You can use three-way calling to turn off call waiting while you're in a call. When you get the second dial tone, dial *70 from a touch-tone handset, or 1170 from a rotary phone.


  • close If you want to end three-way calling, one of the other callers must hang up. If you hang up, both calls will be disconnected.
  • close If the number you are calling is long distance, you will be charged long-distance rates. If you called the original number long distance, and place a long-distance call on the second line, you will be charged long distance for both calls.