How Do I Set Text to Auto Flow in PageMaker?

By Foye Robinson

PageMaker is a desktop application that is used for layout design. It allows you to create, modify and print offline publications, such as brochures, flyers and newsletters. You can place text and graphics from other applications directly into PageMaker. Placing text and/or graphics links them directly to the original file. Setting your text to auto flow saves time. It automatically fills additional pages when you place content into PageMaker, so you won't have to add them manually.

Step 1

Open the document you want to format in PageMaker.

Step 2

Select the "Layout" menu and click "Autoflow" to set the text to flow automatically.

Step 3

Click the "Pointer" tool in the "Toolbox" palette.

Step 4

Select the "File" menu, and then click "Place (Import text and graphics)." A dialog box appears.

Step 5

Find and double-click the document with the text you want to import. Your mouse head changes into a squiggly arrow.

Step 6

Move your cursor where you want the text inserted, and click to add it.