How to Do a System Restore in a Server 2003

By WayneC

Windows 2003 does not come with an automatic system restore feature like XP, Vista and 7 do. Because of this, a system operating with Windows 2003 does not automatically create a restore point for the computer's current state. That means that a user cannot return the computer to that state at a later date. One option to work around this is to download System Restore. However, a second option involves manually creating a restore point for the computer's current state using Windows 2003's System State.

Find and click the "Start" button, then highlight "All Programs" from the Start menu.

Highlight "System Tools" from the All Programs menu and select "Backup."

Select the "Advanced Mode" link from Backup, then click the "Restore and Manage Media" tab.

Check the box next to the "System State" option.