How to Do a System Restore in a Server 2003

By WayneC

Windows 2003 does not come with an automatic system restore feature like XP, Vista and 7 do. Because of this, a system operating with Windows 2003 does not automatically create a restore point for the computer's current state. That means that a user cannot return the computer to that state at a later date. One option to work around this is to download System Restore. However, a second option involves manually creating a restore point for the computer's current state using Windows 2003's System State.

Step 1

Find and click the "Start" button, then highlight "All Programs" from the Start menu.

Step 2

Highlight "System Tools" from the All Programs menu and select "Backup."

Step 3

Select the "Advanced Mode" link from Backup, then click the "Restore and Manage Media" tab.

Check the box next to the "System State" option.