How Do I Download a Stream Video to a Flash Drive?

By Brenton Shields

Video streams are all over the internet, from YouTube to Vimeo, videos are available by the thousands. From short films to home videos to television bloopers, there are videos for every occasion. Unfortunately, many of them are trapped online as video streams, meaning you have to log on to the internet every time you want to view them. However, it's possible, with a flash drive and video capture software, to save those streaming videos to take to any computer anywhere.

Video Capture

Video capture software is a basic program that literally records the images on your monitor and then saves them as a video file, thus "capturing" video. These can be downloaded from a variety of sites, but unfortunately most of them are not free. Simply start a search for "video capture software" and select from the various types. Once it's installed, you'll be able to simply press a button on your keyboard to start recording and then another to save it as a video file on your computer. The buttons will vary depending on the brand of capture software, but will probably be easy to learn, regardless.

Stream and Save

From here, go online and start streaming the video you want to save. Most video streamers give you the option to make the video full screen, so select that option. The video may become a little blurry, but it will take up the whole monitor. Once the video's enlarged and playing, start the record function of your video capture software. When the clip's done playing, stop the capture and save the video as a file on your computer.

Transferring to a Flash Drive

With the video saved on your computer, insert the flash drive into the computer's USB port. Copy or cut the video file from the folder on your computer and then paste it into your flash drive's folder. Now, with the video saved to your flash drive, you can take it with you anywhere and play it back on any computer.