How Do I Shorten an AVI File?

By Curt Lanning

Finding a key does not require editing the Windows Registry.
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AVI is a video format that is usually large, but it will have good quality. The AVI video format has to be large to contain all the quality of an original video, but they can be shortened easily if the video is to long. You'll just load it into your video editor and trim the clip down to the shortened length that you require. It may take a little while, depending on how much you are trimming, and how powerful your computer's processor is, because movie editing drains a computer's processor considerably.

In Windows

Step 1

Load Windows Movie Maker and import your AVI file by pressing "CTRL" + "I" and finding the video. When you find it, click it once and then click "Open." This will import the video into your library so you can edit it.

Step 2

Drag the clip down to the timeline at the bottom and click on the spot where you want the AVI to end. Once you've clicked on the cut off point press "CTRL" + "L" and it will split the AVI file there. Click on the part you don't need anymore once and then press "Delete."

Step 3

Now save the movie click on "File" and then "Save Movie File." It will ask where you want to save the movie to, so click on "My computer" then click "Next." After that, it will ask what you want to name the movie and for an actual file location to save the movie in. Name it, and choose the save location, then click "Next." The next window just gives you the file details like how big it will be, so click "Show more choices." After that click on "Other settings" and on the drop-down menu to the right of that select "DV-AVI" (so it will stay in the AVI format). After that click "Next," and this will save your new shortened AVI clip.

In Macintosh

Step 1

Launch "iMovie" and drag your AVI file into the program. It will import it and put it in the "Clips" section.

Step 2

Select your AVI and drag it to the clip viewer. There, use the playhead to mark off where you want to shorten the clip. Click on "Edit" and select "Split video clip at playhead." After that, click on the video that you want deleted once, and press "delete."

Step 3

Click on "File" and then "Share." Click on "Quicktime" at the top and from the pull-down menu for "Compress Movie for", choose "Expert Settings." Click "Share."

Step 4

Wait for the next window to appear. It will say "Save exported file as." Name your movie and choose where you want to save it then, in the export menu choose "Sound to AIFF." Finally, click "Share" and it will save your final shortened clip.