How do I Set Up a Password?

by Joshua Laud

In Windows operating systems passwords are assigned to user accounts and users must enter these passwords into the system when they log on. Password control is achieved through the user account options. Only a Windows administrator is able to change the password settings for an account.

Step 1

Click "Start," then click "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click the "User Accounts and Family Safety" link to load those options. If you aren't using the simplified view of Control Panel, simply click "User Accounts."

Step 3

Click "User Accounts" from the "User Accounts and Family Safety" section.

Step 4

Click "Manage Accounts" to display the users installed on the system. Click the user for which you'd like to set or change a password.

Click "Create a Password" if no password exists, or click "Change your Password" if you want to change the password. Enter your new password in the space provided, and again in the confirmation box. If you are changing the password you'll to enter the old password as well. Click "Change Password" or "Create Password" to confirm the changes. You can now close the Control Panel windows.


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