How do I Search for People in Norway?

By David Sarokin

A fjord in Norway
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There are close to 5 million people living in Norway, with some pretty strange-sounding names, at least to an American ear. Not that long ago, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to track down a person in Norway if you didn't already know their contact information. However, the Internet age has changed that, and it's now a straightforward task to search for someone anywhere in Norway.

Step 1

Visit the online Telefon Katalogen, the Internet-accessible White Pages telephone book for Norway. See References for a link to their mostly English-language search page.

Step 2

Enter the information you have in the appropriate search fields. At a minimum, enter the person's name. You can also enter the name of a town, city or region in Norway to help narrow down the search results. You can also do a reverse search to find out who owns an email address or phone number.

Step 3

Click on the search button, which is shown in Norwegian as SOK (the "O" has a slash through it).

Step 4

Look over the results page for the name of the person you're seeking. The preliminary listing will include their full name, address and phone number. Click on the "More Info" link next to the name to see additional details.