How to Do a Reverse Lookup on a Unpublished Number

By Matt Goetz

Locate an unpublished private phone number through a reverse lookup.
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If you want to locate the identity and address of the person behind an unpublished phone number, you can use the power of the Internet to find the information. Unlike home land-line phone numbers, a cell phone number often remains private and unavailable in public phone directories. Although a reverse phone number lookup might seem intrusive, the feature can be very useful for certain circumstances. If you are being harassed by an anonymous caller, or you need to find the identity of an important business client, you can legally conduct your own reverse phone lookup for free.

Use the search engines. Enter the 10 digit phone number, in quotes, into the Google search engine. To get the most results, also try Yahoo and Bing when searching for information.

Search through the matched search engine results. Sometimes people leave their private unpublished phone number on their Facebook page, blog, or on a Craigslist classified ad, which can lead to their identity and address.

Use the reverse lookup feature on Enter the 10 digit phone number into the reverse lookup field and follow the instructions to obtain further contact information about the person.

Use a free reverse lookup service, such as Follow the instructions for entering the phone number and search through the results.