How Do I Find Reverse Email on Comcast Email?

By Missy J. Talbot

You can find a reverse lookup for Comcast email addresses, too.
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Reverse email is one way of figuring out what a person's name is by his email address. If someone has sent you a message through your Comcast email service, you can usually find out who that person is, whether she has a Comcast email or not. A reverse email search gives you an idea of who is sending you messages, so you know what you are dealing with.

Step 1

Log in to your Comcast email to find the message with the email address you would like to look up in reverse email.

Step 2

Click on "Find contacts" and then click on "By email." Insert the email address into the email field. If it is a Comcast email address, Comcast will return the person's name so you know who the contact is.

Step 3

Go to a reverse email lookup (see References). There are many of them to choose from. You can use this service with another Comcast email address, or with any other type of email address. Input the email address into the "email" box and see if there are any results. Because of the way reverse email address lookups work, you might need to try more than one to find the address you are looking for.