How do I Get Rid of a Required Password to Start a Computer?

by Tzvi Raphael

We do not necessarily like everything to be password protected. If you have a computer that only you operate, you perhaps just want to sit down in front of it and turn it on. Some computers, however, require a password the first time you set it up, and it would seem as though you are stuck with entering that password. A simple tweaking can remove that pesky password prompt.


Turn on your computer and go to the Start menu. Find and click "Control Panel."


Open the User Accounts and Family Safety option in the Control Panel window.


Find and click the User Accounts option and select "Make Changes To Your User Account."


Select "Remove Your Password." Type your current password and click "Remove Password." Click OK.


Close all open applications and restart your computer.


  • close Do not leave a shared computer without password protection.

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