How Do I Record Hulu TV?

By Jasmine Carpenter

Hulu is a popular website that offers streaming video of various TV shows and movies from networks like NBC, Fox and ABC. The service is free for users in the United States. If you want to record Hulu TV shows and movies to view later, use a third-party video capture software application. Look for one that can record streaming videos of any file type that you can save and watch later on your home computer or portable device.

Download a video capture software program. Hulu Downloader, Replay Media Capture, Audials and Rip Tiger, among others, all record streaming video. Many of these programs convert streaming video into FLV file formats, which you can view on your computer using a video player.

Double-click on the software application's installation icon. Follow the installation wizard instructions to help guide you through the install process. After the installation is complete, look for the video capture software icon on your desktop and click it.

Create a folder where you want to save your recorded videos. Right-click on an empty space on your desktop. Select "New" from the drop-down menu and then select "Folder" from the the menu list. Create a name for the new folder.

Click on the "Settings" tab and choose the option "Convert" to select the output format of the videos. This step may vary slightly for different types of video capture software programs.

Go to and search for a TV show or movie that you want to record. Press the "Play" button if the video doesn't start right away. The video capture software automatically records streaming video that's playing on Hulu.

Click the "Save" button after the video capture software has finished recording. Locate the folder that you created on your desktop from the the popup window that appears. Type a file name in the text box for the recorded video. Click the "Save" button when you're done.

Move or transfer the video folder to a new location on your hard drive. Alternately, transfer the video folder to a USB flash drive to save space on your computer.