How Do I Program Radio Stations on a Kenwood Receiver?

by William Pullman

Kenwood manufactures several models of after-market car CD players and radios that you can install to upgrade your current radio system. Among the many features in the Kenwood receivers are programmable preset radio station memory buttons. If you listen to certain radio stations regularly, you can cut out trying to search for them with the tuner by programming the preset memory buttons.

Step 1

Tune the receiver to the radio station you want to program using the "|<<" and ">>|" buttons.

Step 2

Press and hold one of the preset memory buttons for 2 seconds to save the radio station. The audio will mute for a second when the station is memorized. The preset memory buttons are labeled 1 to 6.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to program each of the remaining preset memory buttons.

Step 4

Use the auto memory function to automatically program six radio stations that the radio receives with good receptions. Press and hold the "FM+" button for two seconds to automatically program those radio stations.

Tune the radio to one of the memorized stations by pressing the corresponding preset memory button.


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