How Do I Print on a Printable CD?

by Kylie Keeler
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With a specialized printer, you can print directly on CDs, making your home movies and other homemade CDs look like professional productions. In order to print directly on CDs, you must purchase CDs that are compatible with the format. These CDs feature a special surface that allows the ink to stick to the disks surface.

Step 1

Create an image that will fit comfortably on your CD. Many printers that come with a CD printing tray are packaged with software that will walk you through the steps to create your CD’s label. Add any information to the image that you’d like to fit onto the CD’s surface such as band name, song listing or any other information that indicates the disk’s contents.

Step 2

Open your printer’s settings and set the media type as CD/DVD.

Step 3

Insert your printable CD into the printer’s CD/DVD tray.

Step 4

Select the print function from the program in which you created your CD label. Allow the printer to print the CD’s image onto the printable CD surface.

Remove the CD from the printer’s CD tray and allow the ink to dry. Place your disk in a sleeve or case once dry.


  • Using printable CDs, you can create customized gifts for friends and family members containing photo or slideshows. Create a label that contains one of the most impressive photos from those contained on the disk along with the date. Once you have printed your CD, the recipient will always be able to decipher the media contained on the disk even if he loses the disk’s case or sleeve.


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  • Disk in the drive image by Sergey Galushko from

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