How Do I Print CD Labels From Word?

By Lisa Porter

i Disk in the drive image by Sergey Galushko from

The ability to print your own CD labels will come in handy if you frequently burn your own music, data or photo CDs to share with friends or coworkers. Or, if you frequently back up your files by copying them to CDs, you’ll need to label each CD clearly so that you can find your files when you need them. You can print CD labels using Microsoft Word and a downloadable CD label template. The CD template is compatible with Word versions 97 or later.

Step 1

Download a free CD label template from the Microsoft Office website. Follow the first resource link below.

Step 2

Open the CD label template in Word, and customize it with your own text or art. You can type directly onto the label or create a text box to insert your text.

Step 3

Print the template. Microsoft Office Online recommends that you use Avery label paper with adhesive backing to print your labels. You will be able to print two CD labels per sheet.