How Do I Transfer Pictures From My SD Card to My PC?

By James Wright

Two SD cards
i sd cards image by timur1970 from

SD cards are a form of storage that is very popular among many electronics like cameras, printers, computers, phones and other devices. They come in many different forms, speed classes and formats depending on what they need to be used for. Despite the many types of cards, they can all usually be read, accessed and modified easily. Some computers come with built-in card readers, and if you don't have one of those, an external card reader is easy to find. Transferring photos is a simple process similar to using a flash drive.

Verify you have an SD card reader on your computer. On many new desktop computer systems it may show up in the form of many various slots on the front of your computer. You may need to purchase a multi-card reader, which can be found at many electronics stores like Best Buy or Office Depot.

Remove the SD card from your device and make sure it is not set to protected mode. Many SD cards have a sliding switch on each one. Make sure it is not switched to protected mode so you will be able to access your data.

Insert the SD card into the card reader. Most readers will have a slot labeled for SD cards. If not, it is easy to find the correct size. Do not force the card into the slot.

Open "My Computer" and look for the removable disk. Your SD card should show up and let you access it from your computer. You can now transfer any photos from the SD card to your computer by clicking and dragging them to whatever folder you wish, or by copying and pasting them to keep them on the SD card.

Right-click on the SD card in "My Computer" and click "Eject," then remove it when you are finished.