How do I Download Pictures From the Motorola Razr to a Computer?

by Maya Walker

The Motorola RAZR mobile phone is loaded with features including a built-in camera. You can quickly download pictures taken with the camera to your computer using Motorola Phone Tools. Motorola Phone Tools is an easy-to-use program that transfers data between a Motorola mobile phone and a computer. When you use the program to download pictures from your RAZR to the computer, the original image still remains on your phone.


Install Motorola Phone Tools on your computer. The program's installation wizard will guide you through properly setting up the program for use on your computer.


Restart your computer and connect your Motorola RAZR to it using a USB cable. Double click the "Motorola Phone Tools" icon to open the program.


Click "File Transfer Studio" in the left panel within Motorola Phone Tools. The module will open in the program's window.


Double-click on the name of the folder to download the pictures from the RAZR to in the "My Computer" panel.


Double-click "Picture" under the "Mobile Phone" panel and select a picture to download to your computer.


Click on the picture and drag it to the "My Computer" panel. Release the picture to download it to the computer. Continue to drag and release pictures until you are finished.


Disconnect the Motorola RAZR from the computer and exit Motorola Phone Tools.

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