How Do I View Pictures From My Email?

by Charisse Esmeralde

Inline photos are images that appear in the body of email messages that you receive, not files that are sent as attachments. Since inline photos are included in the body of your email messages, they will appear above, below or next to any accompanying text. Some email providers, however, do not allow users to include inline photos within email messages. In these cases, you will receive photos as attached files.

Viewing Inline Images


Sign in to your email account and go to your inbox.


Double-click on the message that includes photo files you want to view.


Scroll down through the email to view photos. No additional downloading is necessary, as photos should automatically load within your email message.

Viewing Photo Attachments


Log in to your email and open the message with photo attachments.


Look for the “View Attachments” link. It is most commonly located directly beneath the "To" and "From" fields, although once again, exact location may vary.


Click on the link. A prompt will pop up asking whether you want to save or download the attachment photo. To view the image, click “Download image.” The photo should automatically load in your default photo viewer.

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