How do I Search for People in Ottawa in Ontario, Canada?

by David Sarokin
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Tracking down contact information for people in Ottawa, or anywhere else in Canada, can be more challenging than in the United States because there are fewer reliable people-search tools. Nevertheless, if you search in the right places and use the right online tools, you have a good chance of finding the person you're looking for in Ottawa.

Step 1

Start with a search in the phone book. You don't need to have a printed copy of the Ottawa white pages to look through its listings. Use the online version at Enter the person's name you're searching for, and enter "Ottawa" in the "Location" field.

Step 2

Search workplace listings at Use this comprehensive directory of business contacts to locate someone at his workplace in Ottawa. After entering a name to search, select "Canada" as the "Country" to search, and "Ottawa" as the "Metro Area."

Visit the Ottawa Public Library. The library has public access to Reference Canada, a large database directory of people and businesses across the country. You can use the database to look up names in the library or online at the library's website. You need to have a library card to access the system.


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