How Do I View PDF Files on My iPod Nano?

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Technically, you cannot view .PDF files on your iPod Nano because the device does not support that particular format. To circumvent this problem you can convert the .PDF into an image file format and transfer it onto your iPod like you would a photo. Free format converters can help you get the files you need onto your iPod, regardless of its capabilities.


Download a .PDF to image converter, and install it onto your computer. You can find a number of free versions of image converters all over the Internet. One of the easiest to use, and most specialized converters for this particular function can be found through the link below.


Open the converter then click, "Add File," to browse your computer for the .PDF files you want to view on your iPod. Click, "OK" to import them into the converter.


Choose the format you want to convert the .PDF file into. The most common is .JPG, but a full list of iPod compatible formats can be found below.


Assign a save folder by browsing your computer then selecting the folder you wanted the converted file to appear in.


Click "Convert" to begin the transformation process. When the files have finished converting, find them in the save folder and move them to your iTunes library.


Update your iPod, and you will be able to view the images.


  • check Use a different "Save" folder then the file's original folder to avoid any confusion.

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