How Do I Get Pandora on My Desktop?

by Amy McClain

Pandora offers personalized Internet based radio free of charge. Creating a Pandora takes a matter of seconds, and allows you to customize radio stations by entering artists or songs you like. Your Pandora account is portable, and can be accessed on mobile phones or any computer with an Internet connection. Your desktop will need an least 1 GB of memory and a sound card in order to utilize Pandora's service. You'll be able to listen to music through the desktop speakers or by connecting headphones.

Create An Account


Point your browser to The "Register" page appears. Enter in your email address, a password, your birth year and zip code. Click the radio button that corresponds with your gender and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the check box. Click the "Register for Free" button.


Click the "Continue" button on the "Congratulations" page.


Click "Create New Station" to enter a favorite artist or song and create a new personalized station.

Sign In and Listen


Open your browser, and go to


Click "Sign In." Enter your email address and password, and click the "Sign In" button. Your profile page will display.


Click the station you wish to listen to. Press the "Play" button to listen to the station you selected.

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