How do I Troubleshoot a Panasonic DVD H02 Error?

By Alan Temple

The last thing you want when you purchase an expensive new DVD player is for you to be unable to watch any DVDs. This is the case of you are afflicted by the HO2 error. The HO2 error is a known error with Panasonic DVD players that causes a part to expand within the unit. This can be remedied by a spot of minor surgery; it is far from a perfect fix, but it will at least ensure that you can watch DVDs on your player.

Remove any DVDs that may be in your disc tray before you do anything else.

Unplug your DVD player to ensure there is no current traveling through your machine while you work on it. This is an invasive process, so this step is absolutely vital.

Open the DVD player by removing seven screws with a flat-head screwdriver. (There are two on each side and three on the back on my model.) Now gently pull the top off the housing. It will simply pull off once the screws are removed.

Plug the DVD player back in to the power unit. The lack of top housing will fix the problem of the spindle getting warm, expanding and pushing on the top of the player.