How Do I Upload My Own Music Onto My Website? (5 Steps)

By Brandy Alexander

Add your latest song to your website.
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When managing a website, add features like your own music to your pages to enhance the content and entertain your visitors. Perhaps you are part of a band and want to add your latest release for your audience to enjoy, or maybe you are a solo artist who wants to include a listing of music files on your Internet resume. Using your audio file, such as MP3 or WAV, upload your own music to your website.

Step 1

Access the web host that services your website and place your MP3 file in the same folder that contains your other web page files. This folder is typically found in the "Index" or "Main" directory. Click a button, such as "Browse," to select the file from your computer and add it. Make a note of the URL address location (for example,

Step 2

Launch your text editor and place your cursor in the area on the page where you want your music to appear.

Step 3

Type in the "anchor" code containing the URL address from step 1. An "anchor" creates a connection between your music file and website. For example:

Step 4

Enter content, such as the name of your song, and follow this with a closing "" anchor element. This code creates a hyperlink on your page, which typically appears in blue and with an underline. When a visitor clicks this prompt, she hears your music play. For instance: Name of Song

Step 5

Save your file and place it back on your web host to publish the uploaded music on your page.