How Do I Make Outlook Express My Default Email?

by Catherine Johnson

Desktop mail clients are an easy way of managing and organizing your emails. Although Outlook is often the mail program of choice, Microsoft's Outlook Express is a quicker, leaner version that doesn't get bogged down by excess functions. Outlook Express automatically ships with all Windows computers, and is a lightweight and easy application for handling your mail. Here is how you can quickly set Outlook Express as your default email program.


Open Outlook Express. Go to "Tools" on the main navigational menu and click "Options."


Select the "General" tab on the Options dialog box. Go down to the bottom of the General options tab to the "Default Messaging Programs" section.


There are two options available. The top text should read, "This application is NOT the default Mail handler." Click the "Make Default" button located next to the text.


Select the "OK" button on the main Options dialog box and close it.


  • check You can easily check to see if Outlook Express has become your default email program. Go online and click an email link on a website. Outlook Express should automatically open with a new message window.

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