How Do I Transfer My GoPhone's Old SIM Card Number to a New SIM Card

By Jonathan McLelland

Transferring a number from one SIM card to another is done by phone or visiting a retail store.
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SIM cards are specialized microchips that store your phone's number, address book and even text messages. The use of SIM cards simplifies transferring data from one phone to another. The AT&T GoPhone plan offers cellular service without having to perform a credit check or having to sign a long-term service contract. If you are switching to a new SIM card, but wish to keep your old GoPhone SIM card number, you may do so by porting the number.

Step 1

Write down the SIM identification number of your current GoPhone SIM card. Locate this number by removing the SIM card from your GoPhone. The identification code consists of 20 numbers and letters. Underneath this information, write the SIM card identification numbers for your new SIM card.

Step 2

Contact the AT&T Port Activation Center at 888-898-7685 and inform the representative you wish to transfer your current phone number to a new SIM card. The representative will ask for the old SIM card identification number, along with the phone number you wish to transfer. When asked, provide the representative with the new SIM card identification number.

Step 3

Turn off your cell phone, when instructed by the representative. Once the representative has entered your information into the SIM port database, your wireless number will begin the process of switching to the new SIM card. The representative will tell you when to turn your cell phone back on. It may take up to five business days for the phone number to port with the new SIM card.