How Do I Get My iPod Music Onto My New Computer?

by Mario Calhoun

Although the iPod portable media player doesn't allow you to transfer music that wasn't purchased from the iTunes store from your iPod to your computer, you can download music transferring software that safely copies the music to your computer or iTunes program. These programs are available on download sites such as, and should only be used to copy legally owned music from your iPod.

Use CopyTrans. This shareware program is available for Windows PCs, and has a Mac equivalent called XtremeSoft. Once downloaded, run the installation wizard to install the program on your hard drive. Double-click the program file to run it, and connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable. Select "Smart Backup" and click the "Start Backup" button.

Use Xilisoft iPod Rip. As a Windows and Macintosh compatible program, iPod Rip copies all of your iPod's contents to your computer or iTunes program, while maintaining play counts, ratings and other settings. Once downloaded, install the program and double-click the icon on your desktop or from your Applications folder to run it. Plug your iPod into your computer and select the files you wish to export. Click the "iPod to iTunes" button to begin the transfer.

Use 4Media iPod to PC Transfer. This shareware program is also available for Macintosh computers, and transfers your music from your iPod to your computer via USB connection. Download and install the program, and connect your iPod to your computer. Click the music library, and highlight the music you want to transfer. Click the "iPod to Computer" button to copy the files.

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