How Do You Put Music in an iPod Shuffle Clip?

by Traci Joy

The iPod shuffle makes it easy to take your music with you wherever you go. The iPod Shuffle clip model is the smallest of the iPod family. To load music onto your new purchase, follow these steps.

Transferring Music Into iTunes

Screen shot of iTunes, source pane list on left

Open iTunes and log in (see Resources below).

Open your computer's music folder in a separate window.

Transferring music

Right-click on the song you desire to move into iTunes. Hold down and drag the song until it is over the "Library" listing in the iTunes source pane. Continue doing this until all of the songs you desire have been moved to your iTunes library.

Transferring Music to an iPod

Close out all windows that are open on your computer, and connect your iPod. At this point, iTunes will open automatically.

Select and open the "Library" listing in the source pane in iTunes.

Ready to go

Right-click on the song you desire to put on your iPod. Hold it down and drag it over top of the "iPod Shuffle" listing, also in the source pane list. (You may have renamed your iPod to make it personal. You want to drag the song over top or your iPod, whatever name it is listed under.)

Continue this process with each tune you wan to be on your iPod. When complete, eject your iPod in iTunes before removing it from your computer. Click on the "eject" icon, located to the right of the "iPod Shuffle" listing in the source pane.


  • check To make life even simpler, iTunes has a feature that will sync music in your iTunes library to your iPod automatically when you connect your iPod. This option can be found in "preferences" when you open iTunes.


  • close Never disconnect your iPod from your PC without first ejecting it in iTunes, as this can cause it to freeze up.

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