How Do I Get Music From My Computer to My Ipod?

by Lennon Simpson

Transferring music from a computer to an iPod is a surprisingly easy task. All it requires a bit of set-up and preparation once you first get an iPod and after that, the process is largely automatic. As a bit of an added bonus, if you also have an iPod with video capabilities, the process is exactly the same.


Make sure you're using the proper media player on your computer and the only media player the iPod will sync with is iTunes. When you first get your iPod, it will come with instructions on how to download iTunes. However, if you lost these, simply go to and click the free download button. Once you have downloaded iTunes, you'll need to set it up to recognize your iPod. With iTunes still open, attach your iPod to your computer with the USB cable. iTunes will recognize that there is an iPod attached and lead you through the process of assigning a name to your iPod and other options.


From the iTunes menu,you can access the iTunes store where you can download music and videos. It costs money to download, but you can download as much as you are willing to pay. Your computer will automatically store this music in the proper folders and put it in your iTunes music library. If you have other music stored on your computer, you will need to click and drag it into your iTunes library.


Once you have all the music on your iTunes library that you currently want, simply reconnect you iPod to your computer with the USB cable. If iTunes isn't open, it will openly automatically and then begin synchronizing with your iPod. This means it will make sure your iPod and your iTunes have the same music on them. If you have no music on your iPod or have added new music to your library, it will load that music onto your iPod automatically.


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