How Do I Know If My Mobile Is Locked?

by Amy Dombrower

All cell phones have different locking capabilities, but a security feature is generally in place allowing you to make certain restrictions. When your phone is locked, you typically can only receive calls and make emergency calls to 911. A few ways are available to determine if your phone is locked. You can completely lock your phone using a code. You also can enable locking features for specific functions. For example, you can lock the phone from making new calls, restrict certain incoming calls or outgoing calls, lock the contacts or prevent access to data services. Auto keyguards are used on certain phones, which lock the keys (i.e., prevent the keys from being pressed).

Press a key on the phone to see if it's locked. If any key doesn't bring up the home menu, your phone has an auto keyguard activated. Normally the screen will give instructions on how to unlock it. Some phones have a lock button on the side of the phone that you must press to unlock. Other phones have a key combination. Follow the instructions and test the phone to see whether it unlocks.

Press the "Menu" or "OK" button to display a "User Lock" screen. The phone is locked if the phone prompts you to enter a code. Enter the code to unlock it. To change the lock settings, go to "Settings" and look under "Security" or "Restrict and Lock." The specific settings will depend on the cell phone.

Try to make an outgoing call. Go into your contacts, select a number and press "Call." If nothing happens, the phone is locked. You must change the security settings to make a call.

Go into your contacts and try to modify an entry. If you cannot, that means your contacts are locked. You have to go into "Settings" and disable the "Lock Contacts" feature in order to delete or alter any contact entry.


  • check If you need to make an emergency call, you do not need to change your lock settings. Dialing 911 automatically works no matter what the security settings.

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