How do I Fix Low Volume on a Sony Vaio? (3 Steps)

By Stephen Lilley

Laptops have easy-to-reach volume dials on the outside of the frame.
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If the volume is lower than normal on your Sony Vaio laptop computer, this means that one or more of the channels on your sound card has had the volume reduced or has been muted altogether. There are many different channels on your sound card aside from standard "Volume," and they each will affect the overall sound level on your computer. You can fix these volume issues on your Sony Vaio through the Audio Control Panel.

Step 1

Right-click on the small speaker icon labeled "Volume" in the lower-right corner of your Sony Vaio computer desktop.

Step 2

Click "Open Volume Mixer." You will see a series of columns. Each column represents one line on your sound card. Each horizontal bar in the center of a column represents the current volume for that particular line.

Step 3

Click the horizontal bar in the center of each column to adjust the lines on your sound card until the volume meets your desired settings. When you're finished, click the "X" box to close out of this window and return to your desktop. Your volume will now be properly adjusted and will be playing at the correct levels on your Sony Vaio computer.