How Do I Tell Which Logitech Optical Mouse I Have?

by Bonnie Conrad
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The Logitech name is closely associated with mice, keyboards and other pieces of peripheral equipment, and the computer mice the company makes are widely used in both homes and businesses. But no matter what type of Logitech mouse you use, it is important to determine your model number. Knowing what kind of mouse you have will make troubleshooting a lot easier. Knowing your model number will also make it easier to get driver updates when you need them.

Step 1

Turn your mouse over and look at the bottom. Many Logitech mice will have a label on the bottom with the model number and manufacturing date. If you do not see a label, take a flashlight and look at the writing on the mouse itself. Write down any numbers you see.

Step 2

Go to the Logitech website and search for the numbers you found on the mouse. If the numbers you wrote down are model numbers you should see a number of search results.

Step 3

Click on the "Start" button of your computer and right click the "My Computer" icon. Choose "Properties" from the menu.

Click the "Hardware" tab and then the "Device Manager" button. Expand the plus sign next to "Mice and other pointing devices" and record the model number shown.


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