How Do I Lock My LG Cell Phone?

By Stephen Lilley

i Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

All cell phones from LG have a locking capability that you can enable if you choose. While you cannot assign a password to protect your phone, this locking function is designed to ensure that no random buttons are accidentally pressed if you put your phone in your pocket or purse. While this locking capability is not enabled by default, you can quickly and easily turn it on using your phone's menu system.

Step 1

Turn on your LG cellular phone.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" option to enter the device's main menu.

Step 3

Press the "Settings" button to enter the general settings menu.

Step 4

Set the "Auto-Lock" menu option to "On."

Step 5

Press "Menu" again to exit and return to your LG phone's home screen. Now, whenever the screen automatically powers down due to inactivity, a lock will be placed on it that you will have to deactivate whenever you want to use the device.