How Do I Live Stream My Party to the Internet?

By Terrance Karter

Use a webcam to stream your party live online.
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Streaming a party live on the Internet is a fun way to get people who aren't in your area involved in your event. You might want to stream a party for family members who are far away, or for friends who can't make it. Streaming parties not only allows people to see them, but it also helps gain momentum and excitement for a cause you are trying to promote with your party.

Choose a hosting or streaming site. There are hundreds to choose from. See the Reference section below for links to three free sites: Ustream, Justin TV and Webstreams Live. Most streaming sites work in exactly the same way.

Sign up at your chosen live streaming site. Most sites will ask you to create an account. Fill in your name, select a password and add some information about your location.

Read the terms of service before you finish creating your account. Although most live streams will allow you to broadcast anything, some streams prohibit users from streaming illegal or pornographic activity.

Wait for the site to issue you an Internet address for your stream. It will do so after you provide information about your webcam, and after you've turned your webcam on. After you receive your website address, your webcam will broadcast to that site. You can then direct people to your party website, and they can tune in to see what's on your webcam.