How do I Change the Default Setting in a Konica Minolta Bizhub C252?

by Patrick Phelps
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The Konica Minolta BizHub C252 is a multi-functional copier that can produce output in both black and white and full color. It prints out at 25 pages per minute and can be configured to be a standalone copier or connected to a network to serve as a printer, fax machine and scanner. The default setting most commonly changed in the Bizhub switching from "Auto Color" to "Black and White." This is usually done to reduce the expense of color copying and also may extend the life of the copier.

Step 1

Press the desired copy type setting. On the main panel of the copier, four copy job types are listed: "Auto Color," "Full Color," "Black" and "2 & Single Color." To change the default setting to any of these options, press the button for the correct copy job type. Whichever option is highlighted is the current default setting. If "Auto Color" is selected, the machine will scan each page and determine if it is a color or mono image. Setting the default to "Black" will tell the machine to make all copies black and white. To make color copies, a user must select one of the color-enabled selections.

Step 2

Press the "Mode" key, which is on the front panel. A menu that opens on the display screen will have several tabs across the top.

Step 3

Press the "Settings" tab, which lists the default settings for the copier.

Step 4

Press the "Use Current Settings" button to save the settings.

Press "Okay" to exit the settings menu and lock in your settings as the new default.


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