How Do I Block an IP Address in a Home Network?

by Rebecca Mecomber
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You can block an IP address from an individual computer very easily by configuring the computer's Hosts file. However, blocking an IP address in a home network, where there are multiple computers accessing the Internet, requires different tactics. In a home network, all computers on that network access the Internet through a central point: the router. To block an IP address across the entire network involves configuring your router. Most routers have a firewall that is easily managed. Unfortunately, there is no standard set of instructions for configuring the firewall settings, due to the large variety of router manufacturers. But with a little effort, you can browse through the available settings in your router and look for the firewall.

Step 1

Open your web browser. Type in to access your router's administrative page. If that IP address does not work, type in,, or

Step 2

Enter your admin user name and password when prompted.

Step 3

Search for the "Firewall" or "Block Sites" configuration page. Sometimes these settings may be listed under "Content Filtering," "Parental Filtering," or "Security." Click the link for the configuration page.

Step 4

Type the domain name IP address into the form where it says "type keyword or domain here." Click "Add."

Step 5

Click "Save" or "Apply" at the bottom of the configuration page.

Reboot your router to activate the new settings.


  • See the user's manual for your router for detailed instructions.


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