How Do I Get the Internet Back on My Phone?

By Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Having the Internet on your phone gives you 24/7 Web access.
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Getting the Internet back on your phone may be as simple as turning on the phone's Wi-Fi connection. Or, it could require calling your wireless service provider to set up a data plan. You will have to check your wireless account and phone settings to determine your particular issue, and get the Internet running on your phone once again.

Check your phone's instruction manual for the section about your phone's Internet capabilities. Turn on your phone's wireless data connectivity. Find a wireless network and try connecting your phone to the Internet. If you are unable to connect to a network, or your phone lacks a Wi-Fi antenna, you will need to use your carrier's network to connect your phone to the Web.

Call your wireless service provider and ask about purchasing a data connection plan for your phone. Call them from a phone other than the one you are attempting to activate. Give them the model number and your account information when prompted. Pay any accompanying fees using a credit or debit card. They will activate the data plan for your phone. Do not hang up yet.

Turn your phone off and remove the battery. Wait one minute, replace your phone's battery and turn the phone back on. Check your phone's data connection when the phone boots back up. Tell the customer service agent if you data connection is working or not. Follow their instructions to get the Internet back up and running on your phone.