How Do I Copy an Installation CD to Another CD?

by Ryan Casima

Installation CDs can be easily damaged by scratches, cracks or heat. To protect the software or programs that are stored on the installation CD, you should make another copy just in case something unfortunate occurs, especially if the software cannot be downloaded off the Internet. Copying the installation CD requires a CD that has an equal, or larger amount of storage space.


Insert the installation CD into your computer. If the installation wizard automatically launches the installation process, which it will most likely do, cancel it by pressing the Alt + F4 keys at the same time.


Go to "My Computer" (or "Computer" in Vista) and click on the CD drive to access the files in the installation CD.


Highlight all the folders in the installation CD by pressing Ctrl + A and then copy them by pressing Ctrl + C.


Choose a folder in your computer, preferably an empty one, and paste the files to that folder by pressing Ctrl + V.


Eject the installation CD from the CD drive and insert the copy CD. The autoplay option will now launch.


Select the "Open Writable CD folder using Windows Explorer" option. Do not select "Burn Audio CD." The CD will now open as a folder.


Go to the folder with the installation CD files and highlight all of them. Copy them and then paste them into the new CD. Once the files have been burned to the CD, you have another copy of the installation CD.


  • check If you have two CD drives on your computer, you can copy and paste the files from the installation CD directly into the copy CD.

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