How Do I Set Up Indoor Antenna for Digital Service?

By Chris Moore

How Do I Set Up Indoor Antenna for Digital Service?
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Indoor antennas can be used to receive digital TV just like analog. You can use an analog antenna and TV, provided you have a converter box, but a digital antenna works better. With the full-time conversion to digital TV, most stations are now digitally transmitting on both the VHF and UHF bandwidth, so you need an antenna that picks up both. In most cases, once you set up an antenna for digital service, you won't need to do all the adjusting as you did with analog TV.

Pick a spot where the antenna will be secure and where you get the best coverage. Like analog antennas, a digital antenna works better the higher you can place it.

Know the distance between your home and the TV towers broadcasting in your area. If you are within 20 miles of the towers, your antenna should pick up the stations with no problem.

Keep all other wires and cables as far away from the antenna as possible. The close proximity of other cables can interfere with the reception.

Connect the antenna to the TV set through the coaxial port; if the antenna doesn't have its own cable, connect it with a length of RG6 coaxial cable. If you're using an analog TV, connect the antenna to a digital converter and the converter to the TV.

Turn on the TV and use the remote to go to the menu and find the channel scan option--this is standard on all HD or other digital TVs. With this option, the TV will use the antenna to scan the airwaves and program the available channels into its memory.