How Do I Block Incoming Calls on My Motorola Phone?

by Joanne Cichetti
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Harassing or obscene phone calls can be stressful and it can be very inconvenient if you are unable to restrict those calls. Fortunately, Motorola phones have the option of blocking such phone calls. Even if you are unable to block a specific number from the phone, you can get your carrier to provide you with the call blocking service.

Step 1

Click on the "Menu" button from your Motorola phone.

Step 2

Select the "Settings" or "Setup" option from the main menu. Some Motorola cell phones have a "Settings" option while others give a "Setup" option.

Step 3

Click on the "Security" option from the submenu of "Settings" or "Setup."

Step 4

Turn on the call blocking feature by selecting "Restrict Calls" under the "Security" submenu.

Select the appropriate option from this menu. If you want to block all the incoming calls, select "All Calls." You can also choose "Calls Not in Your Contact List." With this option, you will only block the calls from numbers that are not saved in your mobile's phone book.


  • Some Motorola phones, such as Razr V3, do not provide the option of blocking selective numbers. If you want to block a particular number, you can ask your cell phone carrier for call restriction services. Extra charges may apply.


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